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Emotional upset may prevail on the domestic scene if you have neglected your duties or your mate. Entertain those who can provide you with valuable information and knowledge. Be aware that you might be at fault as well.
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BUTOSI's Profile

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Birthday: Feb 25 1983
Location: kennewick wa
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 20 Nov 2016
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
my name is BUTOSI and my rank in the magical world is sacred and secret I can not tell any one unless I now them and trust them HO I AM eternal AND I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT PHYSICAL AGE BUT FOR ALL ThroughS HOo UNDERSTAND REINCARNATION OF THE MIND AND SPIRIT. I HAVE MASTERED ALMOST EVERY FORM OF MAGIC AND WHAT I MEAN BY THAT IS I HAVE MASTERED EVERY THING GOOD AND PURE BUT I DO NOT US DARK MAGIC EVIL HEX'S OR CURSES.I HAVE BEEN ASKED TO PERFORM LOVE SPELLS LUCK SPELLS PROTECTION SPELLS AND EVAN HELP LOST SOUL'S SEE THE LIGHT BUT I DO NOT FIDEL WITH THE FEELINGS OF THE HEART.I AM ALSO A TEACHER IN DEFENSE AGAINST THE DARK ART'S.I HAVE ALSO BEEN TO THE SPIRIT WORLD AND HAVE HELPED BOTH LOST AND RES LESS SPIRITS FIND THE LIGHT AND I HAVE PASSED MESSAGES TO PEOPLE THEY WISH TO SAY THINGS TO AND HELP.i also help a friend of mine protect a realm she created long age from all dark forces and evil decipauls and we also keep the balance in the magical realm and all the creators in the realm are thankful that they have me and her as there protector and she is also my student in the mystic art's.I seal demon's and evil spirit's and any thing that wants to harm others and once they are sealed they will never be free they are sealed for ever and ever never to create chaos ever again. i am both wise and powerful through my year of mastery in the art's of magic one thing is that magic dos not solve all your problems it can assist you in small ways but never try to over do it or think you are more powerful then the creator him self because that will lead you on the path to the dark side.I AM ALSO A VAMPIRE. i respect license i do not slave them like some vampires do. and i also make magic poisons and magic amulets and magic Madalena's.and i also have the ability to probe peoples minds but i only do it if it is truly necessary and only if the one how request me to do it believes me.i also can read peoples passed present and futures with tarot cards and angel cards and i also perform tasks in alchemy and invoking and banishing of many kinds of spirits and creators and i also do angelic magic and tattwa magic i am also am a guide in the history of the dark arts such as satanism,black lodge,black magic,witchcraft,vodou,vampirism,haunting,possession.i also now the techniques to us such as symptoms and diagnosis,the auric shield,building your magic shield,mantras and meditations,amulet ingredients,talisman ingredients,herbs.i also break hexes and cursed and heal spirits and a lot more. WARNING.AND FOR THROUGH S HOW DO NOT NOW BE CAREFUL HOW YOU USE MAGIC BECAUSE ANYTHING YOU DO TO OTHERS WILL COME BACK TO YOU TIME THREE. I AM HIGHLY SKILLED IN MARSHAL ARTS THE ART OF KILLING NINJUTSU GENJUTSU AND TIEJUTSU SWORDSMEN SHIP AND ALL KINDS OF NINJA WEAPONS AND THE ART OF STEALTH. it seems people have forgotten what real magic is it is not light it is not dark it is both becuase nature is both good and bad light and dark it seems only a select few of people remember what true magic is and only thoughes who can harness its full power and true reson are the ones worthy of being call wiccan or any other title in the magic realm. I am in the proses of devoluping a coven know as the REQUIEM OF THE DIVINE it is a group being designed for thoughes with god hood and goddess hood and warlock mages priest of high magic and priestess of high magic if you fit one of these type then you will be ecepted just message me not being piicky i just see all these other coven and i was thinking why not have one for divine members and i am still working on the stuff so it will take time to bild and if you are wundering how to meet yes i live in the tri cities and for thoughes who do to or close to get here great and for thoghes who dont we will find a way to conect there is always a way like skype or something.