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Name: naara
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Hello(: I'm Njaara and I've been a solitary Wiccan since I was 13. I've actually started performing spells and rituals with my best friend, who I've called my "craft sister" since I began practice. My favorite element is fire. My preferred deity is the Hindu goddess, Sarasvati (or Saraswati), goddess of Knowledge, Music, and the arts. I feel very connected to Hindu mythology. I find myself very intrigued by the study (and only the study) of dark magic and demonology. Astral projection is another thing I'm big on and trying to perfect. If you have some tips or info on either of those topics, shoot me a message. I've been very into Tarot and am trying to become proficient in my readings. I do a fair amount of readings for close friends as well as people via Gaia. I've also recently started doing readings for commission on a number of sites. One in particular is If you are interested in a reading (free of charge, of course), my inbox is open. :) If you wanna know more about me, message me. I'm always up for a conversation. Blessed Be )0(