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Name: Moonkitty92
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Gotta keep a low profile! shhh.... my parents don't know i'm on here and i don't want them to know! My name is jennifer, I am 17 year old girl who is intersted in magick but is not allowed to do it on the count of her parents are christian I've been questing my faith for a long time, But i do believe there is a God I mean how in the world did we all get here?? I kinda had a phase with magick and witches, I've had weird experenice, I am a very shy girl my favorite colour is green I love animals And i love cats i have two cats one is my kitten he is a black kitty:) p.s i love the moon.. My mentor is JKSpellz he will be teaching me what I would love to learn that is Magick he is very kind and knows a lot Add him he will accept!:) My familiar's always seem to be cats, I had one cat as a familiar but we had to give her away and now i have a new kitten and he is black and my familiar:) weird huh? why cats? can someone please explain this? One time at our old duplex Me,my mother and my sister where all alone and then out of no where we heard someone say My name in a deep voice my mom was folding clothes and my sister was watching tv, it was weird and once i swear i see things out the corner of my eye, i always have deja vu, I dreamed about mozzarella sticks and then the next day my parents went to apple bees and brought some home lol that was yesterday and the night before yesterday was when i dreamed it, i remember my dreams and my past an awfull lot.. when i was younger and still sometimes i would know what a person is gonna say before they say it and one time, a few months ago an old friend of my moms called, the phone rang and before she answered it*note i didnt have a phone with me so i couldnt know the person who called* I just said out of know where the persons name that was calling and I wasnt even thinking of that person or even remember her for a while at the time, and i got the persons name right i was like its probably _______ blank calling i was 100% right.. weird huh? "As you weave and spin your spell, Three fold return the tale will tell."