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I'm Zackafilms

I've been doing magick for about 6 years now I just haven't signed up until recently! My hobbies include sports, magick, programming, learning, and more. No, I do not teach. So don't ask me. If you email me, I will answer, but not straight away! No, I don't do readings at all, so don't ask! I'm most knowledgeable in white magick/spiritual spells. I need help with creating and casting spells/rituals. I was in spell casters, then I moved to teen witches, then I joined spell casters again and now I'm in Divine Essence. I have not been in any other coven outside of SoM. I'm going to teach and learn in the coven, I will try to make it a better place and I will help everyone become the best they can. I'm expecting to learn all other kinds of magick, how to create and cast spells/rituals properly with maximum effect, Wicca, and everything else in between.