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Name: SamuelG102
Birthday: Aug 17 2000
Location: Hot Springs, AR
Gender: Male
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I am Sam Gobel and I am into wizardry, potion brewing, magic(Paranormal), Hoodoo, Occultism, Global Mythology and Polytheism. I'm also an omnist. I use candles for magic, herbs for brewing potions, and I also use various cypher fonts like Romulan, Klingon, Alien, Irken, Old Egyptian hieroglyphs, Hebrew, ID4 Alien, Tholian, Elvish, and other crazy alien-esque dingbat fonts for cyphering my magic spells on my Wordpad software. For music to get my mojo flowing and my Pagan vibes moving: I use spotify, streaming my own playlist titled "Wiccan and Polytheistic Music" I watched examples of Wizard Magic in the following media: Paranormal Activity(Paramount Movie; I saw a character not staying where the Ouija board and planchette are, causing it to start a fire-so I will always remember to be highly careful with the one I have.), The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy(Cartoon Network Show; Because of Grim being associated with Caribbean Hoodoo), Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus(Because I saw the use of Hoodoo in the chapter titled(Vicious Voodoo, except I would only prefer white magic instead of black magic when it comes to Voodoo healing.), Fantasia(Vintage Disney Animated Movie; Specifically "The Sorcerer's Apprentice") J.R.R. Tolkien Action-Fantasy Movies, Blizzard's Warcraft RTS games, etc. Of course, I was fascinated with fortune telling, using the talking board, tarot cards(Or simply classic playing cards), dice, a crystal ball, a mirror, a pendulum, even runes, or anything else. By the way, my mom says that any magic item you make has the energy you put into it.