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Name: Sovereign.
Birthday: May 8 2002
Location: LITERALLY talking to my demons LOOOL
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 23 Apr 2023
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Hello everyone, its been a very very long time not being on this site due to complications in my life. However I am back, there are a few things I solely want to focus on in my time here. Some of those being but not limited to.

Spirit containment.

Spirit keeping.

Spirit communication.

Spiritual binding.

Spiritual study in general.

Some things about me

I am a collector of haunted objects, or cursed items.

Much like Ed and Lorraine Warrens collection.

  1. I currently own 2 different dyybuk boxes (witches box) 1 of them contains a malevolent spirit full of hate. The other one contains a succubi and her daughters. I personally DO NOT communicate with the malevolent spirit. The backstory behind this entity is very graphic and nothing that should be played with.
  2. As for the other spirits I own, I have a succubus bound to a ring on my finger as well as another succubi in the vessel of a doll, the name of these ladies I cannot disclose since names have power to them.
  3. AS FOR WHY I HAVE PLENTY OF "sexual spirits" in all honesty they fascinate me and I would like to know more about them. Frankly, how intimate they can be is very enticing to me and im looking forward to testing this out because you only live once. It is alsobetter than collecting a bunch of demons and locking them in a closet lol.
  4. I GOT ANOTHER SUCCUBIII (her name is amber) I can say her name cuz her spirit is bound to mine.

(P.S. if you've made it this far clearly your interested if you remember me my old accounts were, Purepower1, unholygod1,and unholygod2, but dont hold it against me)

By that I mean please dont GAG me lol I am innocent.