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I am 13 and I have studied magic since I was very little and would still like to learn. I am quite good at healing magic however I am not that grate at explaining how to do a spell. I am not to grate at things like astral projection and stuff like that is am also not very good at spells that requires lots of steps as I struggle to understand things that have lots of steps with huge details as I will struggle to follow. I have briefly been a part of the teen wiccan, Christian witches as well as the elemental magic covens. I hope to tribute to a coven my out the box thinking and my knowledge of healing magic wich I have picked up from the other covens. I would like to learn Chakra Divination (Runes, Scrying, Tarot, etc)Dragon Magick Mythology Spell Casting and Rituals (How to write, cast, and perform a spell/ritual properly). I alone as both light and dark. I became interested in wich craft when I was little because of the movies however I quickly learnt it wasn't like that and that made me more interested in the craft.