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Name: Psykhai
Birthday: May 4
Location: Some random place~
Last Seen: Sat, 22 Apr 2023
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- ; Hi I'm Psykhai~
- ; Currently I'm a Eclectic witch, until I find something that best fits me, or maybe forever~
- ; I work with a few deities and have been practicing Witchcraft for four years now. Although I've been interested in it since I was young.
Hobbies - ; I enjoy playing the Bass, playing video games, and reading up/ learning more about Magick major Occultist.
-; I work with things such as Candle Magick, Herbal, Elemental, and charms.
I'm interested in learning more about sigils,divination, and Moon magick.
- ; I always enjoy speaking to others~ So I don't mind speaking.
Magick been there with me through tough times..and if there's any one who might doubt it, just know it's real and works. Just takes time and focus. I wish to grow better at my own control over it..and maybe gain everything.
The Above is from the Below~