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Name: Rameses
Location: Egypt
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I do not claim to have much experience in magick, though I do have years of knowledge wrapped around my belt, but that doesn't make me any less significant as another other Witch. I was brought back to the Wicca after I fell in love with the Egyptian Gods and I hope to build a relationship as I worship them. I consider myself Wiccan and not just another Kemetic practitioner because I don't like structure and I tend to do my own thing. I like to see myself as a Tameran Wiccan and I follow the God Osiris and the Goddess Isis as my Lord and Lady. I am not new to magick but like I said I lack experience. I hope to learn more as I move further into my Wiccan journey. As long with worshiping the Gods I also venerate the dead. Ancestral worship has been a kind of home for me and has grew with me as my path has grown. Ancient Egyptians venerated their deceased loved ones, though I have been doing so much longer than I have been a Tameran Wiccan, I plan on incorporating Kemetic ideals to my veneration from now on.

I personally don't believe you have to be chosen by a certain God to worship that deity. Its perfectly fine to choose one or some yourself and see through your own eyes if it could be a match. I also believe in religious equality and I see myself as a kind and compassionate person. I will try my best not to step on other people's toes. But if I have too I may kick you off your high horse. I love talking and meeting with new people. I will be on everyday and I am seeking for more friends in the witchcraft community, so please do not be afraid to message me at anytime you wish.