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Name: First_Sin
Birthday: Apr 16 1997
Location: Mississippi (Texas previously)
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Hello to any who read this. I hope whoever you are, the day has been kind to you. I am here for multiple reasons, some of which are partly irrational.
To learn is one reason, a chance to grow and become better than i am by speaking to others and reading through the multiple different beliefs displayed here. Life is full of too many paths and i wish to see as many of them as i can; different religions and systems of belief that show the different corners of the human mind in many ways. To learn about how we think and how we interpret life is a wonderful way to grow internally. Growth is what i desire and may be the only way i can heal myself.
I am broken, and thats the other reason. Over 7 years of a relationship, some of the best memories I'll ever have. All gone. I cry often, begging into the empty air for someone to make it all end. I am aware of how personal all that is, and i do not care because wether or not i hide it wont change anything. It hurts. And it hurts even more knowing its my fault, my failure to deal with the depression and anxiety fast enough. Now i lost the love of my life. I am on the verge of suicide, i am lost, my mate leaving me alone in life again. I think im giving up.
I wish you all a good life, a happy life, one without abandonment and betrayal.