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Name: Misuko
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Gender: Female
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My name's Alena, but my age remains secret... O.o heh heh
I have been a witch for 6 years now, and the priestess of a coven of my own. I specialize in wish magic and energy manipulation. I also do weather spells. I've done other things here and there. I make up my own spells often, but also use others. My friend is a psi vamp and I know quite a bit about them so feel free to ask any questions about them. My element is fire. Im a psychic and a pusher. In other words, I can bend people's wills (which is bad.)
As for what I want to learn from here, I want to push my natural abilities as far as I can. I also want to continue learning as much as possible, since I'm a fast learner and I can easily apply all that I gain. No matter how far I get, I will continue learning, as there is no end to knowledge.
Okay, now about me, myself, and I. I play an unnatural amount of video games (yes, I'm a chick gamer), draw, read manga, and watch anime. I'm an extremely outgoing person that's usually easy to talk to. Oh, I like rock, hip hop, and techno mostly. But, I listen to most music except for opera, jazz, and country. Back to my video game thing, I play MMORPG, RPG, FPS, racing, third person shooters, fighting, a little of everything. Lately I've been hooked on Call of Duty World at War, Guitar Hero, and Final Fantasy. Though, Fear 2's pretty good. X3
I'm very social, so don't hesitate to PM me. :)But, dont PM with a hi if you aren't going to try to keep up a decent conversation. It's a way to make friends, but there is a limit. I'll also help whomever may need it to the best of my abilities.
Blessed be.