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Name: Lari
Birthday: Mar 1 1986
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Maybe the most satanic rituals were a a kind of bdsm orgy, where the master is wrapped in a satanic costume and more for the satisfaction of this moron.
When the ritual goes deep in my brain, breaking mind and body and i am convinced,to be at the mercy of a spiritual entity, Satan, Set, Baphomet, a demon or whatever it will be in my imagination at that moment, than it is the difference between an unimaginate brutal orgy and
a sophisticated ritual where both sides have the goal to do it for a spiritual instance.
I have been grown up in a catholic foster home, still with some problems from that time. To fight against the past i have been often a member of santanic rituals. But it seems to be that it is not possible to find a master to continue. And the problems were coming back.