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Name: kitsuneya
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 13 Dec 2021
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Hello there
I'm Kitsuneya (Kit-sune-eye-a) and I would like to learn magic
I am also a prodigy player (prodigy math game) so look for me, Piper Nightshard (not actual name, but it's my username in prodigy)
I don't really like fake spells so I am going through and commenting on which ones are real and which ones are fake
I'd like to learn the following types of magic:
-wish spells
-summoning spells
So, yeah. Also, you might find I am very talkative (online I'll just put it in as chat-ative).
Anything else? Want to talk to me? Just open the online chatter! (it say's it is an online chatter, I'm using a different tab for that)
My profile picture is actually a funny picture I made. I call it Herobrine screaming!
Ok that's it
Please friend me!!!