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Name: Rhiannan1996
Birthday: Sep 24 1996
Location: Australia Victoria
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I?m Rhiannan things about me I have an intellectual learning disability and I?ve got borderline personality disorder depression and Anxiety I am also apart of the LGBT anyway I come from a family that can see things here things like ghost and it gets passed down generations to generations I can see spirits but at the same time I can also see Demons I also get visions in my dreams and I found out my real mother because I?m actually adopted actually got visions the sack same as what I get and my sister as well but my brothers do not have those abilities as it was skipped to them others say that it is a gift and others say it?s a curse I say it?s both but also when I was little I could move things without touching them just with my eyes when I was really really little I can still remember it but nobody believes me my foster mum does not believe in the things I see and I wants asked my real family if there?s any witches in our family and they said no but I don?t know I feel like with all these things that?s passed down in our family makes it seem like either we are psychic mediums or witches like maybe in the real olden days they might of been a witch that was part of my family or something I don?t know I wants did a ritual when I was 15 turning 16 because my best friend passed away and he was 15 turning 16 and I wanted to contact him and I found the ritual online a lot of people complained that it didn?t work but when I did it it worked I had candles around in a circle something that belong to the deceased and a picture of the deceased I can?t remember the chat that I was saying as it was such a long time ago But as I was doing it I saw something walking back and forth my window and I did tell a witch that owns Crystal?s and wings about it and because the figure that was walking back and forth my window and I invited it in was a dark black figure wearing a red top pretending to be my best friend who passed away anyway she said to me I should never have let it in and I should never have named it because it will attached to you and indeed she was right this thing has attached to me since I named it Nicholas it now lives inside my house and I believe that entity that Damon has been around me since I was a baby because I told my real mother about him and she knew exactly what I was talking about and she told me when I was a baby way way before I got taken off her that this figure used a hover over my cot and I also remember talking to something when I was really little growing up and my foster mum used to walk in thinking I was talking to myself but now that I?m older I realise maybe I wasn?t talking to myself maybe I was talking to spirits or Demons. Anyway I hope I can find what I need on this site and I?m very interested in witchcraft and want to learn everything as I?m very passionate about this kind of stuff and I also know someone that knows a lot about witchcraft and they?re the one that actually told me about this site and recommended it. Thank you for listening.