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Hello, im sebby and im a transgender wiccan (female to male in my case) I am a minor so please keep it clean with me :> I love anime and i stand up for LGBTQIA+ BLM and i want to stop asian hate! I also like to draw sing and read in my spare time, but i spend every day doing school work and studying spanish T^T I am new to this website though i visited it before i had a membership thingy so i am kind of a noob here. : >
I am very busy because I do different things but I like to take my Mini Grimoires with me at ALL TIMES because I like knowing that my very christian family (who do accept but just don't accept wicca and/or other religions) will find it and ground me for life. I also do a lot of home chores so im on sometimes and off on other times but I try to be here quite a bit : )
Ive been drawing for about 8 years which is half of my life XDXD Please don't ask me to draw/sculpt/paint a picture of you, as I do want to do commissions so I don't do it for free or online. I also like to base my magickal practices with Herbal and Lunar magick, though i do some of everything kind of like Luz Noceda.
I have only been practicing magick for a few months maybe like 6-7 months but at first I started out as a Christian Eclectic but now Im a VERY proud Wiccan.
Please don't attempt to flirt with me, as I am a minor and I am working on a relationship. Don't ask me to draw/paint/sculpt you because I won't and PLEASE don't harass me for who I am.