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SeraphLumine's Profile

Member Info
Name: SeraphLumine
Location: Philippines
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 04 Apr 2009
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
The Primary Photo is just came from Yahoo Image search, when you type:'Anime Angels' thats should appear, LOL and yeah Another Cute Angel.^^ Another account extension of my account named Seraph, i wish this is the last T_T _____________________________________________________________________ Well the never ending Repeating BIO: OK so My name is...wait if i tell my name here, would i be prone to curse? well BTW I will tell it anyways^^ My name is Reggie James( i will not mention my full name) My magical name: (currently having hard time creating it, because of the number combination) I live in the Philippines (central Luzon), its in the Continent of Asia (for those who don't know) I'm 15 Years old (i just turned 15 last December 31) My religion is Christianity. I want to develop my Psychic Powers too, it would be best if I can perform almost all possible abilities a Psychic can have. Favorite Kinds/Forms of Magick, and Spells: Angel Magick Runic Magick White Magick All kinds of Magick Binding Spells Spells that has something to do to Banish, and Fight Evil Demons, and other malevolent Spirits. Spells that can Protect, from all kinds of Dangers, and Damages Spells that has something to do With the calling of Angels, Using their Powers. So yeah^^ I already practiced Rune magic once with some few errors because I only followed the instruction on the internet that isn't enough for me, and I'm just a beginner, i need someone who knows a lot about Rune magic to assist me. I'm very interested in the Runes because Of some unknown reasons. I only practicing and Studying Rune Magic since last February(i can barely remember but i think its from the last weeks of January until now). I already Lost my interest in magic sometime in the month of February because of a Tragedy that happened(i don't feel safe telling it, it has something to do with my secret illness), then after i completely lost my interest in Magic, I ask God Jesus Christ that if its really my destiny to become a Magician that knows all kinds of magic, i ask God to make me interested in magic again if its really my destiny to become a magician, then During the last weeks of February i met many Witch and magicians on the website 'Youtube', then after seeing that Magic is really useful, my interest in Magic has came back, and I'm more interested in Magic now than i was last January, now I'm Aiming to become one of the most powerful magicians, well that will be less possible LOL. Ive finally learned now that Magic is Fun and amazing, its really useful in our everyday life, together with the help of God, And i also seek to learn ALL kinds of Magic, Be it White Or Black Good or Bad, though when it comes to Black Magic, well i don't study much on that matter, though i will study it, I will never Practice Black Magic, though on special occasions, since Black Magic is to destroy, well when it comes on saving a life, or killing a Pest that infest a town or something, i will use black magic to help. __________________________________________________________________ I vow to all of you, God and All of the Saints and Angels, i will Never use Magic to harm without no good reason, I Will use magic to save, to help, to protect myself and those who i care about, and all of the people. __________________________________________________________________ I'm also interested in Being a Psychic, having the abilities of Being a Psychic and being a Magician, Those abilities will help me to my Upcoming journey, together with my Friends and Family, Now I'm going to Dig deeper to the Paranormal Stuffs. So here comes the amazing part: My Special abilities and Powers: So First of all, My secret Illness is DID(Dissociative Identity Disorder) so that is the clue of my secret,i wont reveal all of it anymore, well because of my many personalities, i have Holy and Evil Personality, but now my Evil personality is slowly fading away each second, then because of this, Whenever i pray, i feel a Holy and Purifying heat enveloping me, and also because of this, i can Sense and Feel my Two guardian Angels, i have an ability to talk to them and feel them, i also have an ability to see their physical appearance, but right now I'm only seeing them not that clearly, they still blurry to me, And sometime during January, they told me their names and what kind of Angel are they, The first one spoke, and told me that Her name is Jenna, shes a Regular Guardian Angel, then the second one spoke and told me that her name is Ericka shes a Seraph, and They're of the same age As mine which is 15, and i also think that the three of us has the same Birthday. Well regarding this stuffs, for others it may seem funny but, because of my secret, I now realize that they really exist, believe it or not. I learned Rune Magic, and i also know how to Write our Latin alphabet letters into the Rune alphabet, i can write in Runes, though some Latin alphabet letters don't have the Equivalent letters of the Rune alphabet so its kinda hard for me. Well regarding Rune Magic, since I'm new, i failed the first time i created my Rune Charm, its because following the instructions on the internet inst enough, i need someone who knows a lot about Rune Magic to assist me. And I also want to learn ALL kinds of magic like I've said, though some of them, i will not practice because some of them can harm, I'm just really interested in ALL kinds of magic, they can be really useful. I'm also aiming to become a Psychic, i want to have and learn all of the abilities a Psychic can have, especially Telekinesis. But i still have much to learn, so i need help, that's why i joined this website. Thank you^^ God Bless to ye all!