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Name: RavenFeet
Location: New England
Gender: Female
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I am 39 years old and began magical practice at the age of 14.

I began with folk magic and am a solitary practitioner.


Scrying, usually mind's eye scrying, sometimes with a stone.

Tarot and oracle.



Watching patterns of birds, augary.

Capnomancy, divination by smoke.

Throwing the shells.

Candle wax reading.


Learning Lenormand and Ogham.

Magic practice

Entrance workings.

Protection workings.

Candle magic.

Sympathetic magic.

Knot magic.

Tarot and Oracle cards in spellwork.

Topics of interest

Spirit work, working with local spirits in the area.

Folklore, Scottish and folklore of New England.

Herbal knowledge medicinal and magical.

Stones, healing, scrying.

Astrology, ten plus years of studying charts.

Creating my own craft supplies.

Current strongest Clair:


Favorite scrying stone- smoky quartz.

I am a practitioner of traditional New England based witchcraft. 20 plus years of practice. 25 exact.

You may message me regarding the above topics, but keep in mind I do not do divination readings or spellwork for others.


  • Abnoba.
  • Belenus.
  • Christian God.

I currently practice a combination of Traditional and Hereditary Catholic Witchcraft.

I specialize in cleansings, protections, help determining attachments, and space exorcism.

Traditions I have practiced:

  • Eclectic Solitary Wicca, or witchcraft. Non traditional.
  • Sea witchcraft.
  • Traditional New England based witchcraft, utilizing plants from the local area. Many have European based folklore being plants oriented from elsewhere. Some Asian oriented plants in the area as well.