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Name: RedMonarch8
Birthday: Oct 20
Gender: Female
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Hello! My name is RedMonarch! I'm currently 20-years-old.
I'm from Canada. I've been practicing witchcraft for around 9 years now, Pagan for almost a year. My deities are Freyja and Apollo. I am an eclectic witch that works mostly with crystals, herbs, and candles. I love all things witchy and earthy, dispite being an air sign, haha. I'm a Libra sun, Leo moon, and Libra rising. I'm an empath, clairvoyant, and clairaudiant.
What I know: Herbs, crystals, incense, jar spells, candle magick, pendulums, charm casting, divination.
What I'm currently learning: kitchen witchcraft, animals, deity work.
I make magickal charms in my spare time, thinking about selling soon.
Feel free to message me at anytime, I will respond when I can.
Please do not message me and ask me to do spells for you.
Please do not message me about dating, this isn't a dating site and I'm already taken.