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Event: Ostara

Waxing Crescent
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Name: Midnite1
Location: -.-
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 17 Jun 2010
Membership: Member

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L-Is for the Lies you told me, O-Is for the Other girls you like, V-Is for the Veins you broke, E-Is for the Enemies we have become... im on the rightt:) the left is Daniee:) Zodiac: Scorpio Type of Magick: Any Type Element:Water Level: Average Hi, Alyssa is the name, I blow my candles on Nov.2nd im not saying my age you can ask me, plus it is just a number ilove this boy names (emo_ryan) Ryan:) he's daa best bf ever:) iloveyou. rawrr;) I love Ghost Hunting:D Is my fave:) They freak me out but, its real funnn:) My Quotes,''Sometimes when your away from someone you love, doesnt mean you love them any less, sometimes it means you love them even more.'' ''your pain is the understanding of sorrow which is not love; therefore trust in the position'' ''Desperate and true thinking of you, borrowed and blue, sinking with you: I live in Illinois no where special, I am really cool, i love to talk to new people:) Its funn:) And people whoo know mee know im crazeeey:) Lol very hyperr:) Lol.. You have a problem with it get effing lost in Narnia...I hope the White Witch getss you and turns you too stonee:) Did i mention i am very very random, so dont get scared if ask you a question out of the PURPLE:D My, very best friends on here, you might know as Mindy, and Amy Their Account names are Mindy112 and AmyBabee I love them to death don't know what to do with out my Smexxi Freakk!! And if you mess with them, ill take a hammer and bash your face in, literally. lmao Hitt me up, talk fer shure ill message back if i dont think you're creepy lmao (jkay) Uh yeah so thats about it message if you wanna know more:D BestFriends(I am careful to who i trust too many have lied) Mindy112(Mindy i could write book about you:D Yo know everything about me! You like my other freaakingg halff lovee ya babeeycakess) AmyBabee(maaa wiffey:)iluvyouuu ma sexyy ass girlll mess wit this girl i swear you'll die..i have people. Hah well diss gurl iss soo feisty but i love herr. luvb yaa wifeyy and sistaaa:) 10/31 && 11/2 1 frigging day apart!) gravewalkers1(omg! iloveyouu! Bestfrannd:)ill never leave your sidee) devilspawn(your amazing you'll be my bestfriend forever though we have our tough times..i still love you. I don't want anything bad to happen to you.) apollo8(Amazing muchhh? lol i effing love yahh) Kurd(LOVE YOU!! goo BOTDF) ImmortalAsh(Ashley!!Ily!!FLYING LLAMASS) Mess with any of these people you'll get to know the devil pretty well:D Magick:D Well basically im on here because I have these type of visions/premonitions etc.magic runs in my father side of the family, so do the visions and premonitions. I really want to learn myself more, and be stronger at my power. What I want to Learn:D I am also on here because i really want to learn how to control my element, or control all the elements. My main element is water, i can tell because i am drawn to water. I love it! If anybody can please help me with this please message thanks:)