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Hello, my name is Michael.
I have been a witch ever since I was a teen. From what I know, I am the only one in my family that deals in the craft. I've mainly studied the arts and not practice due to my busy schedule of life. I've always been passionate about information and knowledge, and that is what brought me to many paths throughout life. Outside of this site, I study and practice whatever holds my interest, like cooking, baking, writing, to name a few. Creation is something I hold close to my soul because everyone does it, even when you don't realize it. Whether it's physical, like cookies, or mental, like an idea.
I do hope that you find time to send me a message if you have any interest in talking to me. But be warned, I do not sugarcoat or censor anything I say, so if you don't like what I say, just don't talk to me. Do have a nice time.