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Hello and welcome!

I am Tidecove but you're welcome to call me what you wish. I am a shamanic practitioner or simply a Hedge / Shamanic Witch. I lead my own religion known as Hecta , which if you're curious on this please feel free to contact me and read the small summary of my faith below. As for my craft I currently focus and work with the Sea, Shore and Sky, along with the spirits there of and the dead - ancestral dead.


Hecta is an animistic spiritual belief and religion, believing steadfast that all things natural, hold within a spirit and too that spirit can inhibit or roam freely, interacting and causing change to and with the physical world. Our core spirituality is centered around such interaction with spirit and how we can create and live within sacred harmony with the natural, spiritual and physical world. We seek to achieve this through spiritual rites such as but not limited to purification of the body and regulation of spiritual energy within our own space.