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Name: Lyza_Sage
Location: Columbus
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Divination / Wicca practitioner since 2014

Follow me on instagram: @lyza_sage_craft

I am an elite hairstylist, and I've been working on improving my skills as a nail tech lately. I have five pet rats as well as a hamster. The rat's names are Captain Marvel Bear, Mal, Lucky "Chicken", Elowyn, and Vinca. The hamster's name is Pablo.

I am currently doing an in-depth study into tarot, its history and the meanings and imagery behind each card. If you have questions about Tarot, feel free to send me a message, but keep in mind I do NOT give free tarot readings. If you are interested in learning more about tarot feel free to ask me questions. I'm currently writing papers about my research and as I finish them, I may upload them to my Etsy.

I offer tarot readings, here is a link to my Etsy:

I will/can NOT :

-Read your tarot for free