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Name: WildBlossom
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Second account for LilacSky

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Hey! Hi! Hello!!! ^^ My name is Leagh, and welcome to my second account! This account will mainly be for posting spells and such. Most of my spells are actually meditations that focus around energy. If you have an requests for meditation routines you'd like me to make for you, just send me a message. Anyways, now that that's out of the way I'll tell you a lil bit bout myself. Three things that I really enjoy are music, books and anime. I love to do any hobbies that involve being creative, and I enjoy prettymuch any kind of music. My favourite band is Three Days Grace. I have a spirit familiar named Stella. She is an orange siamese cat. Anyways, I hate an empty mail box, so don't be afraid to send a message! ^^