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Name: DarkCoran
Location: India
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 02 Mar 2021
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~ Merry Meet ~

It's a pleasure to meet you.

First things first, guys if u want to know anything about me just ask me as I am an open book.

I'm a novice:

Practitioner/Warlock/Witch/Wiccan. I can be named as any of these, but my love for the craft will never change.

Note: I'm not casting any spells for anyone nor do I want anyone casting spells for me or against me as if u do then I would remind you of our creed.

Also I cannot cast spells yet.

I'm a beginner in the craft with so much to learn.

A few things about me:

Name/Pagan Name: Coran

Age : 23

Sex/Gender : Male

Zodiac : Leo

Chinese Zodiac : Ox

Element : Fire and a bit of Air

Ability : Empath and Precognition

Spirit Animal : Wolf

I am : A Goth, Introvert, Someone that sees the beauty of death and is not afraid of it.

My Deity : Mother Nature

Currently aiming for : Learning everything I possibly can and looking for a mentor or a coven.

Location : I currently live in India but I will be moving out soon.

Additional Information :

I'm a horror fanatic/nerd. I do believe in most stuff and I consider myself a rookie Paranormal Investigator.

Magick I want to learn : Black Magick, White Magick, Solomon Magick. I want to learn it all. Runes as well.

Languages and Alphabets : Primarily its English, but I've learnt the Witch's Alphabet and Daggers Alphabet. It helps a lot.

Things I own : A self made Book Of Shadows covered in a black book cover and a Black Tourmaline Chain. It helps me a lot. A Tarot Deck (A beginner but some predictions came true)

What I can do : I'm a writer, mostly stories that are based on horror.

Witchcraft is a place I have found that truly sees everyone as equal.

It's a place where I feel safe and I understand how it could change the world.

I will pursue the craft till my last breath as it gave my life a meaning and a sense of understanding I could never gain before.

So at the end, I believe witchcraft can truly make the world a better place as it never discriminates.

It's not a religion. But, a way to true peace.

Thank you for spending your time in checking my bio. I hope I can be a good friend as the craft has been to me.

Message me if you would like to talk.

Stay safe and never waver for you are never alone.

(P.S: If you have any encounters with the Supernatural. Message me about it. It's my curiosity as a PI but it might help you)

A small poem to end this bio:

In Darkness, have I lived through all my years.

Ignored and disturbed, used and feared.

The light I looked for was never found,

Slowly but surely, in my madness, I've drowned.

For years I've spent, Isolated and unbound.

Grew my love for the darkness and a new life I have found.

What others now fear, I find it as my home,

My life has now changed, as a seeker and not a stone.

In the darkness, I live. In the darkness, I survive.

In the darkness I conquer, the truth to life and death I will find.

~Blessed be~