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Name: sturmdrache
Location: USA
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+ I'm a black magician with over 20 years of spiritual study and experience. I don't consider myself an adept, however, as it's taken me quite a while to get to the point psychologically where I can be consistent and focused enough in my practice to not be mostly armchair and to know precisely what I want to specialize in.

+ Ascension through alchemy is my focus, with qliphothic, Goetic, draconian, and eastern wrathful spirits being the ones I call on and channel the most. I have extensive knowledge of Germanic heathenry, chaos magick, Satanism, exoteric Buddhism, and a variety of neo-pagan paths. Currently delving deeper into studying Japanese esoteric Buddhism, vamachara tantra, bioregionalism, and the plant-focused corner of trad craft.

+ My low magick skill set is broad and includes working with runes, sigils, blood, sexual energy, hate energy, infernal energy, old-fashioned jar spells, as well as making and using homemade incense and powders to great effect.

+ I'm not going to do spells for you or give you free lessons, except maybe if I know you in person and you're not a jerk. I'll hook you up with whatever sources of information you need in order to teach yourself, though.

+ If you don't even have the willpower to use a search engine, to read, or to watch a YouTube video, don't expect to get anywhere with this, and don't expect me to keep pointing you toward resources that you'll never use.

+ I'm here to network and learn with people who are serious, not to role-play. I organize a coven in real life.

+ MBTI: INTJ-A with strong F / Enneagram: 1 wing 2

+ Sun: Libra / Moon: Libra / Rising: Scorpio

+ Chinese zodiac: Fire Rabbit

Anything else you wanna know? Just ask.

Yatukisahla! Ho Drakon Ho Megas!