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I sell Ayam cemoni chicks. Incredibly sacred in India, they do not eat them; for they bring abundence and luck. Every part of them is pure black inside out, thier skin is complete darkness. So sweet since I incubated them I have been thier hen catching bugs for them and good recomendation tiny seeds like chia and hemp are healthier for them when they just hatch and the adorable runts. I recomend hand picked grass for thier bedding so they can eat aphids
I love all creatures exept deadly spiders, but I adore fly spiders so cute! I am an artist a mother of three and a practioner. I wish to dwelve into shawminism and be a medicine woman for plants, animals and peaople who need natures remedies. Taking this path has proven difficult since all I know is off-line and in some books. I dream of learning the powerful spiritual life of native Americans, ive been fasinated by thier magical practices and herbal medicines
If you know of a book or website, a friend please let me know, and i'll trade knowledge in
What knoledge can I offer
:Basic pendulum dowsing technique
:gardening tips
:mongolian/siberian shawman practices
If interested in buying a chick message me, cannot deliver outside usa but also sell fertlized eggs for incubation.