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Name: laylamarie
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Omnists pagan with Christian and Norse beliefs.

Witches name: Niavalune

All my life I have been fascinated in all things out of what society perceives to ordinary. Granted I've only lived for a measly 16years. I have had pleasant sprits drifting around me whole life but that started to change summer of 2019 when a single spirit that wasn't at peace began to communicate with my best friend and I. It wasn't until then that I truly started to educate my self on such things. That 4th of July I casted my first spell to protect the two of us. After that spell was complete I stated to take a deep dive into magic and that is what led me hear, attempting to absorb as mush information as this website can pervade me me with. I look forward to spending more time connecting with my garden angle Cassiel and using light to comet with the earth and shy.