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Name: MagicWanders
Last Seen: Tue, 18 May 2021
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Message Limit reached Discord is Lenna#8399
The profile picture i did not draw. I just stole it off google.
Basically Information:
Old User was Lilfallenod/Thenaiveone/onewhofell/Thoushaltfall on SOM
Oldest accounts name was Thoushaltfall. Looking for simple conversations.
I am not interested in your sexual activations or activities of any sorts. If I come off strong, I am mostly like sleep deprvied or caffienated. Excuse me, if I am a little rude, it's always my fault.
I do not worship any deities.
Do not ask me if I want to exchange energy, drawings, pictures, videos or personal information that breaks SOM guidelines.
You may DM me.
Snakes can't take jokes.
Willing to Learn, Trust isnt earned it is built up over time.
Love comes when I realize you aren't going to kill me.