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Name: Purplerapz
Birthday: Dec 24 1999
Location: Dying from exams
Gender: Female
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Well, hello stranger.

Read everything before messaging me!!

Spiritual studies, Angels, Demonology, Energy, astral projection, and eventually the dark arts.

Growing up I've experienced things that "Science couldn't explain". I've been told that I'm a psychic medium. I get a little too emotional and am highly sensitive to others emotions. I would prefer not to call it an empath as, in the past people would automatically assume that you are a good person just from that trait alone.

It does get quite annoying when I read around, people claiming to be this or that. Claiming to not be discrimirory or vulgar.

Now to lay down the rules:

1.) I don't care that you are some experienced magically gifted person, you can still be wrong. So, hold down that disgusting ego and admit when you are wrong.

2.) Respect is not randomly generated. If you respect me, I'll show the same.

3.) Dont flirt. Im not interested in a long distance relationship. Plus, I'm Aromantic and a Lesbian. Homophobic comments will be blocked.

4.) I might be able to teach, but I refuse to spoonfeed you or choose your path for you.

5.) Spam or troll mail will be ignored.