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Name: Hisoka_j
Location: Somewhere in the world
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 17 Nov 2020
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I'm Hisoka , not really a newbie in this site.
But I'm here to learn more things it doesn't matter if its light or dark magic.
I have experienced some spiritual encounters and I sometimes see the future by dreams or visions and I have a guardian who protects I don't really know what he is, but he is quite strictbite, I got the same attitude and I am more drowned to darkness but everything around me is light. So weird.
It is hard for me to understand emotions, I've been hurt many times that I don't even know how the pain felt, I don't know what is love, neither happiness. I may piss you sometimes sorry.
My sign is libra and my Chinese sign is dragon
Element: Air and Fire
I hate when my mail box is empty, so don't hesitate to send a message I don't bite.
I wanna know more about demons, if anyone can share their knowledge about it, I would be grateful