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Thanks for stumbling onto my profile and taking the time to read this :)

About Me:

  • My name is Melanie a.k.a. Mel
  • I'm fairly new to witchcraft
  • I'm a broom closet witch ;)
  • I absolutely LOVE crystals and could talk about them for years!!
  • My fave crystal is the citrine and amethyst !
  • I want to learn white magick!
  • I love books, daydreaming,singing and just plain talking
  • Cats are better than dogs and you can't convince me otherwise so don't even try
  • I'm way too optimistic and it shows.. but that's okay, right??
  • yes, I was born on Halloween....

What I want to learn:

  • other forms of divination
  • more about astrology
  • Kitchen magick
  • basically everything!!!!!!!

What I know:

  • Crystals
  • Tarot
  • Cartomancy
  • Sigils

Feel free to contact me for anything (even if you just wanna rant)- you can never have enough witch friends!!