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Name: luminescent
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Hi! My name is Jackson !!
Here's some really not so interesting stuff
about me:
-I love playing guitar, painting, running/hiking,
swimming, nature, sunsets/sunrises, and etc.
-My main studies right now are herbs/botany, sigils, history of witchcraft, astrology, and divination.
-The main deity I've been having my focus on recently is Allocer. I only recommend you reaching out to him if you understand the ars goetia completely and if you understand your own inner demons. Allocer isn't the one to reach out to if you don't know how to stay calm and keep your anxiety in check because his very presence (however way you communicate) is gravity in ways I can't explain. But I do recommend for you to do your own studying and do what you think you feel is right.
Also yes my profile picture is me. And no, it's not real blood.