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Name: Launa1999
Birthday: Jun 7 1999
Location: wishing i was somewhere else
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Hello not really sure what to put here. Ive always been into all things magic and spooky. Since i could walk i could always find my mothers tools no matter where she put them fun fact: me and my mom have the same birth day both proud geminis. My sun sign is a gemini im a moon in Pisces and my ascendant sign is a cancer. Im 95% sure im a empath dont yell at me im not sure please feel free to ask me anything i love talking to people but dont be mean and dont come at me like you know everything i love learning new things and always have a listening ear i enjoy being a student but i dont enjoy being talked down to or being treated like im stupid so please dont if im wrong educate me in a polite manner don't belittle me. I hope your having a good day or night. p.s im in a happy and loving relationship going strong for 3 years now please dont message me trying anything i will not answer