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Name: LunarLust
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I'm Sarth, an animal-lover, self taught artist, and am currently studying to get my degree in Game Art and Development.
I was always very imaginative as a child, and curious about the world. I've always felt there was more to it than meets the eye. At a young age, I actually discovered this site. Few years down the line, I began to try to practice magic myself, but I had no clear path or goals in mind, and ended up falling out of it for quite some time. I decided I wanted to try again, to get in touch with my spiritual side, and to see just what I was capable of. Novice is an understatement - I'm very inexperienced and don't remember much of what I learned years ago, but I am eager to learn again and decided to do some more reading lately, and that lead me to create this account. I hope to grow as a person mentally and spiritually, and I'm hoping that with what I learn here, I can help improve the lives of my significant others and find the path I'm in search of.