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Name: Koraki
Location: Iowa
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I'm an asexual, polyamourous, pagan. I've been practicing for the last two decades, more or less. I've always been eclectic, and like it that way. I've been a member of paganforum.com since 2009, and a moderator there since 2014. I am currently the celebrations coordinator (ritual conductor) for our local CUUPs chapter, and have been an active member there for nearly five years.
I have two kids, a husband, and a girlfriend, whose the biological mom of one of our two kids. As a triad, we've been together since 2015. We have four dogs (Molly, Griffin, Alphonse, and Kaelas) and three cats (Yoshii, Freya, and Eridian). I am currently a mortuary science student, set to graduate March, 2020. The Morrigan may have had something to do with that.