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Hello Everyone. I am wizard or witch since 18 years old and 13 years later still going. I am a Clairvoyant since a little child and my mother had thought me astrology at a young age. Then when my granparents past away I took over. Therefore, I been initiated in Pagan and later on to Santeria. I can read palm(palmistry), tarot, do spiritual work, teach students, healing work, stone ruins, astrology, mirror gazing, cards, and telepathy. Nevertheless, proud Olorisha priest. I love astral work like travelling and entering different planes. Initiated to Cristo Paganism working with angels and gods and goddesses. I would love to help and share knowledge to people. About me I born and raised in Philippines but In America. In the Philippines is similar to voodoo in Africa and Chinese magick combine. Also a vegan and animal lover.