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Name: Lchrisman83
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Merry meet!
Hello my fellow heathens. My husband and I have been together for 16 years and we have 3 sons. My hobbies include CrossFit, exploring, audiobooks, riding atvs, bonfires, stargazing, smoking cannabis, and spending time with my precious family.
I stopped practicing about 13 years ago (I found it difficult being atheist and practicing paganism) I have started easing myself back into the craft. Even as a child I have always been drawn to ancient Egypt and ancient Egyptian gods and goddess. I am interested in moon, water, fire, blood magic. I would eventually like to get into Fae magic, but I am not dabbling in that until I get more advanced. I am mostly about white magic but I am interested in black magic. I have never practiced black magic so I?m still on the fence about it. I recently discovered that I have Spanish, Portuguese, and Irish heritage. I would like to learn about the types of magic practiced by these countries.
Side note; MEN, I happily married. Do not flirt or send inappropriate messages. They will go unanswered and you will be blocked. I do not need or want that drama in my life.
LADIES, flirt away!! I love the company of women and I am interested in stoking those relationships. Wether it be friendship or otherwise, the ladies can always inbox me regardless the reason.
Blessed be!!