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Name: LarissaH24
Birthday: Oct 27 1995
Location: West virginia
Gender: Female
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Hi I'm Larissa I've been a wiccan for ten years. I've been mostly solitary.I love the goddess aset aka isis.I love spending time in nature whenever I can. I meditate daily. I'm not in the closet about my paganism. I'm always wanting to learn more about everything, as I spend most of my time reading. My favorite authors for wicca are Scott Cunningham, Raymond buckland and Doreen Valiente. I really like tarot and numerology, although I'm fairly new to reading tarot cards.when I was little I was drawn to collecting rocks I used to go to the fancy rock and gem shows. I should have known I'd turn out to be wiccan. I love wicca because it gives me a chance to be myself and love one another, where as other religions Ive dabbled in I didn't feel so welcome. I follow the three fold law and strongly believe in karma but I'm an open minded caring person who loves art and reading.