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Name: PhaedrusGrey
Location: Great Yarmouth
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I have recently been called to the Grey path. My number in years 56, hide my beginnings of my path in Witchery and Magick. I crave to learn. Her darkness has shown me my soul. In time will continue my introduction of high manic screams madness and deepest dark despair.
I no longer fear her darkness, her black dogs. I have recognized her calling. Suicidal manifestations, failed, yet enough to place me out of reach of my old world. A captive with those who see the mental anguish of alternate separation. In madness I still tried to fight the hounds she sent to sought after me. I layed myself at her door. Angels and Watchers guided my way with voiceless words. I came to know Her vision, her lunic duplicity. Without darkness there can be no light. At Her call to magick at her crossroads of acceptance I made my ritual and called pleaded her acceptance.Gave my self to her path. The torture, her initiation, ceased. Darkness and light of her moon now cast shadows I now no longer fear.