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Name: EyuronicaJ
Birthday: Oct 30 1984
Gender: Female
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I am a Scorpio, When I was a little girl my grandpapa would speak about the evil eye. I would see people dead others could not see. I have always wanted to know more about magic and where it came from. For the last few months, I kept seeing 9:11 on the clock morning and night. I wasn't looking for it but it was like something telling me to check the time. Looking this up I found "Synchronicity". I am also an [Empath] . I wanted to know why I feel and do things I do, as well as I can look at someone and tell their lying or telling the truth. I can feel how someone else feels, as well as feel it in the air. I hope this site helps me learn more. Bless you all. I am 35yrs Old now.