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Name: Bartendress9
Location: Either work or online.
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Please follow these simple rules and there will be no problems:

  • NO FLIRTING, I am taken and not interested.
  • NO asking for spells to be cast. This is a place to learn, not to beg.
  • NO, I won't give you my social media within the first couple messages.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO: Homophobes/Transphobes, Racist, sexist, or just plain arrogant rude comments. You would be blocked instantly.
  • Dont push your beliefs into me and I won't do the same.

My areas of study:

Energy work

elemental work

success magic

aura reading


Motherhood/fertility magick

Native American, Celtic, and modern (Urban) mythology/Legends

Dream work.

Who I am: A bartender in training, writer, over thinker, magic worker, friend, date mate/girlfriend, cook, and more.

I am gender fluid, they/them pronouns. Pan-Romantic/Demi-sexual.

i am the middle child, I have a younger sister and an older sibling (They prefer they/them as well, biologically male however)

My mother was a single mother for a majority of my life, a boyfriend every now and then.
I am pretty much an open book, I'll let you know if it's too personal.