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Name: EloraJ
Birthday: Jan 8 2003
Location: Alone in the Wild Mint Garden
Gender: Female
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Young and loving life! My entire life has revolved around looking for a way to understand magic and what I am. If someone's looking for me, I'm usually outside in a tree or asleep in the garden.

Ever since I was able to talk, I would always "cast spells" on people for them to have either a good day or a lucky day. When I was about 9, I realized there was something more out there.. One day at school I mentally wished and imagined the bully would get hurt, and he got hit from a volleyball out of nowhere which broke his nose right before he could hit the little kid he was about to bully. Alright, alright. I suck at sentence making, okay?

When I was 11 or 12, I had temper issues. It seemed like every time Iwas ready to blow up, it seemed like something was there telling me to calm down, it'll be over soon, and I listened. I felt lighter, happier, ready to take on the world at 11 years old.

My best friend and I are looking for a coven to join so we can learn what we can do. Feel free to message me anytime!

Currently interested in learning of Rune usage and other cultures.