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Im not sure where to start, so i guess first thing id like to say is, Thank You, thank you, thank you, i finally found a place to be. Now, about me huh? I guess ive known ive had certain "abilities" since i was a very little girl, around 9 yrs old i believe.I remember vividly SCARING my friends, accidentally of course, after they decided to bring a ouja board, for fun, outside to play, & i correctly had told them what was going to happen to them in coming days.Around 11 or 13 yrs old,i started to get these little "feelings" about how something would turn out,& some did happen.By time i was 16,i THOUGHT i was dreaming when suddenly, i was hovering over my body, watching myself sleep?!This scared me, on top of the other things that were going on.Through the years, my sister began to notice these things in me, my predictions, without trying, so much so that she come to start calling me a witch, at which time i started some digging of my own, at which time things began intensifying & there was no control over it.I couldnt control what i saw, when i saw & it got just crazy.Everyone around me started asking me to help them, as i did,& most of what i said became true,i couldnt handle what was happeneing to me,so i shut it down, shut myself down, because it was overwhelming me,things kept getting more creepy,& i was not prepared, or informed enough,knew NOBODY else like me.When i went to my mother for help, real help, i was told that i was dramatizing, making stuff up, quit talking about it cause people will think im crazy, she said, and because i had noone to identify with,i made a type of binding spell, guess you could say, so it would stop,i needed it to stop because it was overtaking all my thinking.My sister understood,and as years passed, it was only mentioned whenever something would occur that i had already predicted, which was, by now, fading away!About 10 yrs ago, i was on a dating site, when i received a message from someone i never knew before, never talked to, PERIOD. It simply said this:"WHY ARE YOU HIDING YOUR TRUE SELF"? I immediately KNEW what he meant, but at the same time said,"NO WAY", messaged him back saying "WHAT DO YOU MEAN"? He replied "YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN,WHY ARE YOU PRETENDING TO NOT KNOW"? I replied by asking him how he knew, my heart was beating outta my chest, and he said, because one witch, knows another witch, "YOU ARE AN EXTREMELY POWERFUL WITCH,AND SHOULDN'T BE HIDING IT"! We messaged a bit more, ending it by arranging a public meeting the following day at a local bar,and him bringing me a book, he said that "WOULD HELP ME NOT BE SCARED". We did meet, he brought me a book on witchcraft, and told me he hadnt felt such a power before, ever, and thats why he felt he needed to reach out, saying if i didnt embrace my abilities, they may one day become so powerful that i wouldnt know how to control them, & what to do when they did.Now if you've sat & read through all of this,id really like to say, first, THANK YOU, & second, I do NOT have a huge ego, nor am i bragging...what i AM DOING IS...BEGGING FOR HELP! Ive told this story, probably only a handful of times, since meeting that man,& the ones i did tell it to...it was for same reason i am now...wanting someone, anyone, to believe me & help me through these..whatever "THESE THINGS" are.Each & every time i told this i was either ignored with a NO REPLY, a reply to help me, but with ME PAYING for the help,a reply that was noticebly a SCAM, wanting money for their help, or a reply saying..READ all the books online! I dont know where to start, & i dont know what kind of witch i am. It seems as if ive taken a little bit of info from everything out there, which has gotten me NOWHERE...Im scared of what ill unlock in me, seeing as how so much happened without even unlocking it!!Maybe i just THINK i know more, but really know nothing! UGH well, this was the ABOUT ME, far as a witch goes. The ABOUT ME without that goes like this, Im a honest, blunt outspoken, independent, married woman.I tend to keep people at arms length, until i know more about them.Im bossy, & a know it all sometimes, lol see i am honest!I trust to easy & to soon for the most part, which usually causes my heart to be broken,or betrayed by a "friend". The word "FRIEND" to me, means something that i have never taken lightly, even if i use the word freely, as at this time i do not have a "TRUE" friend.This is something i am completely ok with, im not bothered by being alone in that sense, cause being alone, is not the same as being lonely, which i am not. On Feb 14th 2020, ill be married for 5 years, to a man i met online in 2013, this is my second marriage & his as well.I was divorced for 18 yrs when we met & hed been divorced for 5 yrs. Between us are 5, all grown, and on their own children...YAYYY! Im going to end this here, likely cause, i highly doubt anyone has read this far. Im so happy to be here & cant wait to get to learning & listening to what everybody here is discussing...i listen more than talk, it enables me to learn more about everyone & everything, thats probably why i wrote so much here, saves me the trouble of repeating myself! Hope to get to learn from all of you, so please be patient if i ask alot of questions! Bye for now, Mjaye