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Name: TineSaolalt
Birthday: May 30 2000
Location: Like i would give away my minecraft base smh
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 24 Dec 2019
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Hey everyone names David. This Is my alt account for TineSaol. Pretty sure my other account got gagged
Anywho things to know about me I like music and art. I tend to write poetry occasionally and also I love to sing and draw.
I love making friends so please don't be shy to message^-^ ______________ _______________________________________________________________Shall Shall we bloom?
In the golden meadows of June
Like to loving birds nesting in the noon
In another's arms laying as we wait for the moon
Somethings in the air like chemical fumes
Could I be the scent of your perfume?
Covering me not being able to move as it will consume
As we stay still together in this darkroom
Hearts beating so fast creating a sonic boom
If my heart is to explode I accept this doom
For as long as it was you to cause this beautiful gloom
For ever loved in this tomb
Let us grow together as a scarlet-plume
And soar together through the sky like we were riding a witch's broom
Dancing hand in hand to this tune
You my darling are my boon
Sewn together we are by life's loom
I have nothing to pass to you but my heart like I was giving you an heirloom
So please take my hand to don't look back too soon
It's time for us to bloom
- David Dye