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Name: Vrykolakas
Location: Black Water's of the Abyss
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My Pathway is Predatory Spiritualism.

My Practice is Energy Manipulation and Ritual Magick.

1. All living beings continue existence by feeding on another.

2. Look for ways to always gain knowledge.

3. Qi or Life Energy is around all of us. Drain it and grow strong from it.

I believe energy is the root of all things, beyond that is chaos, beyond that is order. There is balance in all things, including within every person. No one and nothing inherently evil or good, unless by one individual or groups perception, and perception even in herd mentality, is not absolute.

"What one achieves must be recycled and refined over and over again in order to be made durable and permanent. Every productive new thought-way must be repeatedly reinforced until it is transformed into instinct."

"Life is simply the strong feeding upon the weak. Those who cannot immediately see this illustrate just how weak they truly are."

"As there is a door in the soul which opens upon God, so there is another which opens on the recremental deeps, and there is no doubt that the deeps come in when opened effectually. There are also the powers of the Abyss. -- There is a Black Art and a White Art -- a science of the Height and a science of the Abyss, a Metratron and Belial." - A.E. Waite