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Name: GaiaRay
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I am a spiritual satanist. satanism is not some samhain story. dont pester me about black magick and evil forces because it will do you no good to anger or intimidate one such as myself. other than said above i am a VERY cheerful person, overly positive, i see the brighter side of EVERYTHING. i dont argue but i do enjoy a friendly debate. i was once pagan, a very adept spell writer, as you might see, but thigs got dull and i found myself talking with demons more and more, one of them had me follow a man, that man is one of the "High Priests" of JoyofSatan. and it is there i found the error in the pagan ways. i have attoned for this and have joined the ranks of HellsArmy. ((if you would like to see what i have, and follow me into the path of darkness message me and learn all there is of Lord Satan.))