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Name: Hedgefolk
Last Seen: Sun, 11 Aug 2019
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:Hey everyone, I'm back!:

Hello everyone, it's good to be back. I've done a lot of soul-searching and jumped around on account but I believe I found what I needed. I lost myself a bit but I've reconnected with my spirituality and myself.

I am a hedge-witch, through and through. I honor the land, sea and sky along with the spirits of the dead. I try my best to honor my roots as an American Witch, taking my European and Native heritage and old folk wisdom of my country to create the path I walk. I do not owe my loyalty to any god, for I am not religious nor belong to a sect. I am more solitary but I do host circle and ritual for the major holidays.

What I practice:

I practice a shamanic or more folk style path. Opting to keep my magic practical, Im not overly big on ceremony. With that in mind I shall list below the subject of my practice:

  • Healing - I am skilled in manner of spiritual and physical healing, namely in herbal remedies and spiritual mending.
  • Seeing - Skilled in manner of divination (bone-casting, omen-seeing and card reading ) as well I am someone who sees and communes with spirits.
  • Weaving - I weave crafts, spells and stories to tell around the hearth. This part is taking my intent and applying it to my goals or objectives. In my path the weaver is one who applies their knowledge to create or destroy

Currently I'm drawing myself to Sea Witchery in theme.