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Name: LordofWolves
Birthday: Jun 24 2001
Location: among a dark pumpkin patch
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 09 Jan 2020
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Welcome curious one to my little area
just so this is Understood I'm NOT a wolf
About me
likes:punk music, books, candles, pine forests, gaming, cold rainy days, cats
Dislikes:rap and country music, fluffers, rude people,
Hobbies: hiking, hunting, candle making, making post-apocalypse costumes
I'm a pretty chill person who likes to get away from things message me of you want i like to talk to people
Area's of study and practise:potions (only recently), communing with the dead, conjuring, luna rituals, and a few more things I'm not bothered to list
Conversation starters
Favorite animal:Siamese cats
Job:furniture retail
Favorite book genre: fantasy