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Name: NickFrost
Location: The Netherlands_Zuid-Holland_Delft
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 18 Jul 2019
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Greetings everyone my name is: Alastair(Joey) Dullaart, I'm an Energy Vampire, and Ilike to make spells, rituals and techniques for for others, so here's a list of what kind of magic spells and rituals I can make orcast for people. (I also take requests)


  • Healing / cure spells.
  • Resurrection Spells.
  • Death Spells.
  • Hurt Spells.
  • Banishing Spells.
  • Contact Spells.
  • Enchantment Spells.
  • Protection / Defense Spells.
  • Binding Spells.
  • Energy Spells.
  • Summoning Spells.
  • Conjuring Spells.
  • Force Spells.
  • Power Spells.
  • Warding Spells.
  • Barrier Spells.
  • Mindreading Spells.
  • Telekinetic Spells.
  • Time Spells.
  • Elemental Spells.
  • Combat Spells. (to protect! not to harm others)
  • Absorption Spells.
  • Vampiric Spells.
  • Draconic Spells.
  • Demonic Spells.
  • P.S. I only make spells in Latin, Celtic and various dialects of Draconic languages.

If you need something likea spell, ritual, advice or just a friend who would go through Fire and Death to protect those he cares about...Then you can just mail me.