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First, I want to ask that if any mod wants to gag me for something please give me a warning first. I know the rules and why they are there but, everyone makes mistakes. I have been practicing and studying magick for around 13 years. I am basically a Quabalist who recognizes Thelemic Law. I practice a strict form of high magic calling on detities and other entities to aid me in what I am trying to accoplish but I still do things like cast normal spells, meditate do energy working, sigils, and traveling the asteral plains to just mention a few things I do in my overall practice. I would rather not list all of the skills I have because some knowledge and skills cant be put on a list. Many find me strict in my belifes and abrasive but I as well as anyone else realize people have the right to believe what they choose. Some times I say subjective things as if im right and its definate when I know they are subjective. I know. Each person has their own belifes. Speaking of belifes I have not only studied magic and thee occult I have studied many different religions and im accepting to all religions and their different ways they may use magick. So message me if you want I guess but I may not answer back. The above paragraph is basically pointing the totally opposite direction of this but I am hear to learn. I have little desire to teach. Just to learn. If someone new wants to ask me a question and they are new to magick i would like to say to go to the newbie area of this websites and that area is specifically tailored to teach people new to magick.